Message from Mike Roman on the death of George Floyd
Jun 3, 2020

A message shared by Mike Roman, 3M Chairman and CEO, on LinkedIn about the death of George Floyd.

Like all 3Mers, I am heartbroken and appalled at the senseless death of George Floyd, and I offer my condolences to his family and friends, the entire Twin Cities community, and especially the African American community. We are looking to our leaders for swift and thorough justice. Watching the video of the incident was both dispiriting and infuriating and is made even more real knowing it occurred in the community that has been 3M’s home for decades. This tragedy has taken the life of one of our neighbors and is another sobering reminder that this is a daily reality for many in our communities. We have so much more to do to build a safe America for all people.

Our community is grieving and angry, and we join in condemning police brutality and demanding better. We also fully support the peaceful expression of political and other personal opinions, including by our employees if they choose to do so.

The solution is bigger than any single law or the efforts of any single organization, yet businesses have a responsibility to help lead. 3M is proud of our long record of supporting our communities, but this is a sobering reminder that there is so much more to do. As CEO I commit that we will do even more going forward. We will invest more time and energy into lifting up all people. And we will continue to step up our commitment to our values, and strive to create a more inclusive, diverse and empathetic culture – both inside and outside 3M.

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